Monday, November 3, 2008

My Top Five

This is my response to Super Mom's Top Five Blog. I told her I would post mine as my next blog. So these lists were inspired by her. I tried to come up with some new lists instead of just coping all of hers. I hope you enjoy them!

This blog is dedicated to my Sister.

Type of people I do not like
1 People who are too serious all the time
2 Assholes
3 People who talk through movies
4 Closeminded people
5 Liars

Things to do at Home When Kids Are Sleeping
1 Sleep
2 Play WOW
3 Watch Movies
4 Read
5 Sex

Material Items That Keep Me Sane
1 Duck Tape
2 Computer
3 Headache Medicine
4 Vodka
5 TV

1 Sal's
2 Red Lobster
3 Carlos O Kellys
4 Old Chicago
5 Scotch and Sirloin

Quick Dinners
1 Goodscents (delivery)
2 Pizza (delivery)
3 Turkey Slices rolled up w/ cottage cheese
4 Chinese
5 Taco Bell Nachos and sancho

Places I would Like To Visit
1 Australia
2 Hawaii
3 Somewhere haunted
4 Italy
5 Rain Forest

Sexy Actors To Have An Orgy With
1 Collin Farrell
2 Orlando Bloom
3 Jared Padalecki
4 Jensen Ackles
5 Russell Crowe

Everyday-Things I Hate To Do
1 Bills
2 Get the Mail
3 Clean Poop
4 Answer the Phone
5 Get up

Characteristics I Love About A Person
1 Honesty
2 Good Sense Humor
3 Thinks "out-side" the box
4 Passionate
5 Good Conversationalist

Things To Do When I Am Out Of My House
1 Go to Southrock and Play touch-screen
2 Go to the movies
3 Go out to eat
4 Go to a friends House
5 Shopping

Guilty Pleasures
1 Bubble Bath with a Glass of Wine
2 Vegging Out with a bunch of Movies
3 Being Naked
4 Playing with B.O.B
5 Fantasizing (research for my book, wink)

Toppings On Ice Cream
1 Hot Fudge
2 Whipped Cream
3 Cherries
4 Marshmallow
5 Caramel

Unusual things I have done
1 Went to race car driving school
2 Was a Bud Girl for Budweiser
3 Went Ghost hunting
4 Won wet t-shirt contests
5 Danced on stage at a 311 concert

Always wanted to do
1 Go to a Japanese cooking class
2 Join a Nudest colony
3 Go on a Safari
4 Deep Sea diving
5 Invent something

Things that make me happy
1 My children
2 My Husband
3 My family
4 My friends
5 Me

1 comment:

Super Mom said...

Hey, I hate those kinds of people too!!! Omg, don't you think that's weird? Not like weird, weird, but like "exciting" weird??

And no shit, you don't like answering your phone? Wow, shocker there!

Loved it, thanks for playing along!