Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wish me luck!!

So, I am sure everyone has heard or read other blogs concerning my love of Duck Tape. If not, here is a quick recap: I LOVE DUCK TAPE! lol Most importantly I use Duck Tape EVERYDAY. No Shit! I have my two sons to thank for that. They are two machines of destruction and a force to be reckon with! Not to mention they have a never ending supply of poop ready to go when you least expect it. SO....when you add those two together you get shredded diapers with shit all of over the place. No pun there....I mean it in the literal sense. I know, I know....let's all say it together.....Ewwwwwwwww, GROSS!!!! Well, my solution is simple, DUCK TAPE FOR THE WIN! Every night, I tape their entire diaper with tape in order to keep this situation under control.

Well, about a month ago I was inclined to tell my story. I entered the "Duck Tape Saves The Day" contest. It is a contest in which you submit your "Unique, amazing, or unusual" story on how Duck Tape saved your day. They have stopped taking entries and are now deciding on the winners. The winners will be posted on November 13th. So wish me luck! I do not know what my chances are. I scammed through some of the stories and it seems that Duck Tape diapers are not so rare lol. I thought you guys might get a kick out of reading my entry so I included it into my blog, along with a picture of what the diapers look like.

NOTE: I was only allowed to use 250 words including the title, or else this story would have been much longer lol

So without further delay, here is my story!

Drumroll please!................................ Ta DA!

The Mother of all Duck Tales

Like my father always said, ”If you can’t fix, Duck it!” I have heeded to this advice countless times throughout my life. I used it for everything: camping, sports, house repairs, car repairs, and so on. However, Duck tape has never been more important to my household than in the last 3 years.

Time and time again, duck tape had always prevailed in every situation I used it. I thought NOTHING could ever defeat duck tape. Unfortunately, I feared it had met its match three years ago…my twin autistic boys, one of which has Pica.

Losing their fight against their urge for texture stimulation and chewing, my one-year-old sons developed an insatiable need to take off their diaper, shred it to pieces, and eat it. For months, I scrubbed/disinfected soiled walls, floors, cribs, toys, sheets, and re-bathed the boys every night. I tried everything I could think of and even turned to behavior specialists for help. Nothing worked.

One night I surveyed their room at another failed solution to the problem. Through teary eyes I saw a roll of duck tape on a shelf across the room shining at me like a silver beacon of light!! A smile spread across my face. Snatching the roll up, I proceeded to Duck It.
They are almost five now and I still use the duck tape nightly to cover their entire diaper completely, giving it a chastity belt look. Expensive diapers “Non-Duckers” might say…but I say you can’t put a price on sanity.


Super Mom said...

Ewwwwwwwww, gross!! lol

Good luck sweetie! I hope you win!!!

Kendra said...

Good luck to you! What do you win if you are the winner! Hopefully a lifetime of duct tape since it looks like from your pictures you go through a lot of it!

Super Mom said...

Can we get a new freaking blog post please?????????


Amber said...

hahahahahahahaha! ahhhhh what you go through as parents still surprises me everyday!