Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Queen of The Castle...

SO....I would like to let everyone know that apparently, I have giving birth to 3 monkeys! OMG They climb on everything. It scares the shit out of me (and everyone else). I have gotten to the point where if they are not higher then four feet off the ground I do not sweat it much. They have taking so many spills and falls in the past it has really toughened them up. I still let them know that they are being naughty and whatnot, but my reactions have been reduced to a rolling of the eyes and a big sigh as I walk over to them and get them down. With the boys, they understand "No" most of the time, but they have difficulty understanding that it means they can not do it EVER, not just that one time. It is a daily fight with us. So it has been awhile since I freaked out about it. (Kudos to me!)

Well today I got scared! We talking heart racing and lump in the throat scared. Dakotah is usually my highest climber. His Hall of Fame climb was when he had gotten on the kitchen cabinets and was trying to get the shit off the top of the refrigerator. He was standing on his tip toes reaching for the Air Freshener. That one scared me, but today the Gold Medal goes to my 1 year old (almost two) daughter.

I was in the kitchen doing dishes and talking on the phone when I heard a crash coming from my bedroom. (this is where my daughter is suppose to be taking her nap) Her bed is in our room, because we feel it is much safer for her there than to share a room with her brothers. Anyway, I dry my hands off to go and check to see what the sounds was. I was guessing she got a hold of the DVDs again and was throwing them all over the place. BOY WAS I WRONG!

I opened the door to the bedroom to find the floor cluttered with all sorts of crap. Then I looked around the room a bit to see where she was. I didn't hear anything...she must be hiding I thought. Then I noticed one of the items of the floor was a framed picture.........HOLY SHIT. I knew where THAT was suppose to be. I looked and there she was standing on top of our entertainment center!! (with a huge smile on her face) KIERA! OMG What are you doing?! Was my response to her cute little smile. She immediately started jumping around and laughing as I shot forward to grab her. She was having the time of her life up there. I just knew she was going to fall.

I couldn't believe that she got all the way up there! That entertainment center is abut as tall as I am! After all the craziness, I began to pick up the mess on the floor and saw a dagger that has a stand to display it laying there. It had been up on there as decoration. OMG! I didn't even realize we still had that up there. I was thankful she didn't get hurt. So dangerous!

I changed her diaper and put her back to bed for her nap and boy was she pissed! She kept trying to climb out of her bed. We had a little argument and fianlly I think I won....she ended up falling asleep.

So now, I am going to have to go through the house and see what items are needing to be taking out of the rooms and moved. We had to do this with the boys....hence the reason we have no pictures or decoration on the walls in places where they might be able to reach them. But now I am going to have to do this with my bedroom too. Hopefully, she will easy to teach which items she can touch and which ones she can't. It will be a difficult task though because if you ask her..........she is the queen here not mommy!


WalkingInADream said...

Hey, I didn't even have to ask ... who was what. We all know that you are her peasant. That is the way between Mothers and Daughters. Get used to it, it never changes no matter the ages.

Just ask your mother... oh I guess I'm her, my Queen.

Brooke said...

You’ve been tagged. See my blog.