Thursday, December 4, 2008

How Does One Get To Heaven?

Well, if you are my one of my children, Dakotah.....(the one who walked in on my husband and I getting intimate last night) You would probably say "Feet first!"

Yup, that's of my children walked in on my husband and I having sex! (hides face) Last night my son Tyler was very sick, so I had left their door open and ours so that I could hear them at all times, just in case Tyler started having a coughing fit or needed his breathing machine. So, there were no door handle shakes, creaking door hinges, or anything like that to tip my off. (not that I probably could have heard any of those things at that particular moment lol) Man, the sex was GREAT!!!...except for......There I was "getting into it," my feet in the air screaming "Oh God...I'm coming....I'm coming!" and in walks a sleepy Kotah. (I'm just glad we kept it more traditional this time ROFL!) This is the first time one of my boys came into our room when we were "doing the nasty." What the hell was he doing up?! It was 5 in the morning! This is one of these VERY few times I am glad he can not speak well. (Sooooo embarrassed!!!!)

With the Autism factor coming into play here, I am divided on whether or not to address the situation or play it off like nothing happened. He didn't cry or anything like "Daddy's hurting Mommy." He was just standing there being quiet, when I just happened to look over and see him. He just had this confused look on his face like "WTF?" My reaction was "OMG!! GET OFF ME?!" as I threw my husband off my body onto the floor. BOOM! I grabbed the sheets and wrapped them around my naked body. I jumped off the bed and went to my son...."Everything ok sweetie?"I my loving mommy voice. Dakotah's reply...."Paaaaa Teeeeee" as he sticks his thumb through his fore finger and middle finger, in a fist and shakes it back and forth. (sign language for "potty") "Sure honey." I quickly led him to the bathroom so he could go potty. He peed for soooooo long. We did our little victory dance and hand washing....I checked to make sure his diaper was still dry, and then I laid him back down in his bed. I can still picture my husbands face when I paniced, yelled at him, and threw him. LOL His eyes were huge and he let out a little yelp as he was tossed. LOL SIGH......Needless to say...the "mood" was gone by the time I went back to bed.

On the other hand, Dakotah was SO proud of himself, and of course I was BEAMING with pride for him as well!! Potty training has been HELL for us. We have been trying this "potty training" shit for about two years, off and on. They just have a really hard time understanding it. When teaching a Autistic child to use the restroom, soooooo many factors come into play....including visual toilet (Try teaching two of them at the same time!!) I am ecstatic that he is finally getting the hang of is unfortunate that he interrupted "Mommy's Happy Time." But is a small price to pay, right?


Anonymous said...

That is so funny! Just yesterday we were partaking in some fun times for the first time little man was still awake. He was supposed to be napping but he wasn't but it was a huge hurdle for us because I got some nookie in the middle of the day!

Super Mom said...

LOL Yea, Mia walked in on us once (well almost - I saw her coming down the hall and everything freezeframed). She just stood there looking at us like, "What in the fuck are you guys DOING?????"

She just looked at me and said "juice pees" :)

"Ok, honey, mommy will be RIGHT DOWN, why don't you go down there and wait for mommy, ok????"

Maki said...

Umm, this happened to me several times. LOL

The question comes to mind is why do we always push our husbands off the bed saying "Get off me!!"? We can turn Mommy's switch on just like that, while Daddy's have to lay on the floow thinking "WTF just happen?"

I loved this post!!!

Sabrae said...

LMAO!!!!! OMG!!! Your poor hubby!!!

Anonymous said...

So funny!!