Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Well, it seems that all I am good for during the week is to bring you my Wed picture lol Hopefully that will change soon, but in the meantime I will try and at least keep this up lol. OH! and since I missed last weeks...I put two on here...enjoy.



MommaYoung said...

LOL, Omygosh... That is so funny!!

Miss you {{{hugs}}}

Jaime said...


both great choices for WW

Anonymous said...

so you are INTP
take a look at my 16
and maybe we can get some back and forth

i can see one autistic but two

what do the people you trust say

Needsleepy said...

Momma: Awww...I miss youguys too!!

Jaime: Thx! They are two of my favs lol

Star: LOL A fellow INTP! How you doing? Thx for stopping by. Yes I have two boys that live with autism amd a little girl with "autistic-like tendencies." They only way I have been able to get through these roughs times is that I have a great support system. :-) Of course, not everyone REALLY understans what is going on, but they are very patient with them. A lot of my close family rad the books that I suggest to try and get a better understanding. They are all great. Only problem is that the majority of them are a little nervous around them, so I have VERY few people willing to babysit LOL. It's a work in progress :-)