Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mommy, Daddy, Boss, Diva = Kiera

Lately in my home, my husband and I have been having a continuous argument with our 2 year old daughter. My sweet little angel feels that she does not need to do anything we say, and we feel she needs to do everything we say. Apparently she is confused on who is the boss of the house. We have conversations that go like this all the time:

Daddy: Kiera, who is that? (points to mommy)

Kiera: ............. (looks at me like "who cares?")

Daddy: That's mommy! (smiles really big....points to me and says) MOMMY....

Kiera: Mommy! (points to her chest with a big toothy grin)

Daddy: No, your not mommy silly...SHE is (points to Mommy)

Kiera: Mommy! (points to her chest again)

Daddy: No, no, you are Kiera (pats her chest smiling)

Kiera: (pats her chest and shrills) MOMMY!

Now of course my husband thinks this is hilarious and starts to laugh...which in turn makes Kiera laugh.

Mommy: Hey Kiera? Who's this? (As I point to my husband)

Kiera: Adam

Daddy: (not laughing anymore) Nooooo...I am Daddy...(drawing out the word daddy very slowly)

Kiera: Adam!

Daddy: Noooooo....I am Daddy.. (he says again giving me a dirty look for calling him by his name all the time)

Mommy: Keira sweetie...where's daddy?

Kiera: DADDY! (points to herself)

Mommy: Nope...(walks over to Daddy points at his chest) Daddy...(points to my chest) Mommy...(points to Kiera's chest) Kiera!

Kiera: Karwah..(points to herself) Mommy...(points to herself) Daddy! (points to herself)

Mommy: (sigh...turns around so Kiera can not see her laugh)

Daddy: Who's that? (points to Tyler)

Kiera: Tywer

Daddy: Good girl! Who's that? (points to Dakotah)

Kiera: Kowah

Daddy: Good Girl! Who's that? (points to Kiera)

Kiera: Karwah

Daddy: Good Girl! Who's that? (points to mommy)

Kiera: ................. (the look again)

Daddy: Who's that? (points to mommy again)

Kiera: ..................(the who gives a shit look)

Daddy: ~sigh~ Ooookay.....who's this? (points to himself)

Kiera: ADAM!

Mommy: (smiles really big)

Daddy: Nooooooooo.......I'm Daddy!

Kiera: Daddy (points to her chest)

Daddy: Where's Mommy?

Kiera: MOMMY! (point to her chest)

Mommy: Noooo, I'm mommy (puts to my chest) You're Kiera....(points to Kiera's chest) Kiera...(I pat her chest gently)

Kiera: Mommy! (pats her chest)

Mommy: (looks at daddy) See? She thinks she is the boss....I told you! (giggle)

Daddy: No, she is just confused. You just need to work with her more.

Mommy: No, she knows who we are....she is just being difficult. (in my head I am screaming " I need to work with her more? You dick! I work with her all the time!!)

Daddy: No, I don't think so....I think she really does think she is Mommy, Daddy, and Kiera.

Mommy: But not Adam....she's got that down pat. (smile)

Kiera: Adam!

Daddy: Will you please quit calling me that around her...she is getting confused.

Mommy: Well, if I didn't have to yell your name all the time because you ignore me....she wouldn't have picked that name up so easy.

Daddy: (sigh) I don't ignore you

Mommy: Uh huh....

Daddy: I am deaf in my left ear...you know that

Mommy: Well, you can still hear at of the right one now can't you? (crosses arms...then uncrosses them noticing that Kiera is watching) Hey sweetie pie (to Kiera)....we should talk about this later ok Adam?

Kiera: ADAM! (points to Daddy)

Daddy: (sigh) See?

Mommy: (laugh I couldn't help myself) Yeah babe, I see... Well, since apparently you have all this under control and I tend to just confuse her I will go grab us dinner. You want me to take one of the boys?

Daddy: Sounds good...yeah take Tyler with ya, I'll hang out here with the other two and we'll play "Who is that?" with the family pictures. That might help.

Mommy: Ok. (rolls eyes) Come on Tyler let's go Bye Bye.....Bye hun (kisses Daddy on cheek) Bye Dakotah (blows kiss) Bye Kiera! (blows kiss)

As I am walking down the stairs with Tyler to go out to the garage.....

Kiera: Bye! Buh-Bye! Bye Tywer! Buh-Bye! Bye Mama! Buh Bye! Muaaah! (as she blows me a kiss and waves)

I stand there looking at my husband who has the bugged eyes...smile sweetly at him...then look at my daughter....thinking "What a little shit" as I blow her another kiss.

I KNEW IT!! SHE KNEW WHO I WAS!! ROFL But Alas...we have the same conversation with her all the time. It is like a friggin game to her. Oh well, at least it keeps life interesting and... I have to say that secretly...I giggle everytime she calls him Adam hee hee She is soooo damned cute! She makes me smile everyday.


Ambersmilz said...

I swear to effin god that every man is "deaf" in his left ear. Steven is like, I have hearing tests that prove it. Yeah, well, I have 7 years of being married to you that says you are full of shit. So what now?

Ambersmilz said...

PS- I really really miss you!

Ms. Salti said...

That is too funny. Kids crack me up! I'm glad you guys have so much fun doing such simple things. Those are the times that always count in the end, anyway!

kendrasue said...

I'm glad to see you not just post a picture! And Leo is the same way. He calls me daddy and Leonard mommy. What a dork! Kids I tell ya! :) Are you still having your party this Friday?

Jaime said...

aww... my son's first sentence was "hi dada" and his second was "mama no!" hubby will never let me forget it

Oleander said...

I laughed out loud!