Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In and Out...making it FAST

I know I have been MIA ....again...but once again I would like to say "I am still alive" Whoooooo hooooooooo! I don't have much time so I am making this post a quick one.

1. I miss you guys A LOT!!

2. Husband is still Laid-off...money getting REALLY tight.

3. I love having my husband home, so having mixed feelings about him. I know I should push him to get a job, on the other hand we had SUCH a crazy schedule that I kinda want him to take his time and we could try and leave off the unemployment a little longer.

4. My sons are doing really well in school (which ends this week) We have now done a IEP (Individual Education Program) to determine how next year will go. I am happy to say that both of them will be going all day next year. it will be rough, but we are hoping for the best.

5. My stress level has gone done (believe it or not) and I started exercising some...SORT OF like I planned lol. My stresses are still here, but they are of a different kind :-)

6. I have been making time for ME lately. (A little too much time I think) To the point where NOW I feel guilty that I do not do anything around here or something. SIGH...I don't know what my problem is. I mean I DO do stuff....I just feel I don't do enough and that I am taking advantage of the fact that my husband is home.

7. I am having a Girl's Night here soon (June 12th) it will be my first one since Jan. I can't wait. I miss My friends a lot lol We all have such busy lives now that we barely even talk to each other let alone see each other. The Vodka will be flowing that night!!!!!! (BTW Invitations have not gone out, I am still planning it)

8. The reason I have not been on here is.....I am have a good time. :-) I'm still have troubles evening out my computer time (equal time for each activity I do on the computer blogs, email, games, music, etc) But I am going to try harder!

9. I have an award to accept, but I do not have the time ATM. I will accept it on my next post! KISSES

10. My daughter is doing EXCELLENT in school. They have decided to boost her up to the next level of classroom, because they feel she is too advanced for her class now. YIPPIE! It makes me proud!

Miss you all! Time is up!

PS Sorry about the typos


Super Mom said...

One thing has not changed - you are a super shitty speller. And you have bad grammer. But I still love you sweetie!!!!!!!!!!

Hehe, and I will be at the girl's night! See ya then!!!


Ms. Salti said...

Glad to know you're still alive... I had my doubts there for a bit! Can't wait for more posts!

Ambersmilz said...

Yay! You are back! I love you!

Jaime said...

glad to see you back in action. missed you