Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sleepy's "T" list

So my new friend Jaime over @ Red Red Whine has opted to let me in on the fun of their little game. Yippee! Basically, it is fun with letters. You have to list your 10 favorite things that begin with the same letter that is assigned to you by the blog owner, in this case Jaime and her friend Just Jen. Jamie has assigned me the letter "T." Now I was a little surprised to find that this was harder than it sounded. lol Hence the reason it has taken me so long to write this post. I feel I have come up with the best list I could think of.

Introducing my favorite things that begin with the letter "T." They are no particular order.

1. Talking: Well this is a big surprise huh? I LOVE to My most common form of communication is talking on the phone. I am at home all day long with 3 children that barely speak. So I talk to myself A LOT. Even though......there are times when I go HOURS without talking at all, because frankly I just get sick off having a one-sided conversation with myself and my non-speaking children. When I get sick of talking to myself, I "reach out and touch someone." I call my sister probably ten times during a normal work day with absolutely nothing to say...I just wanted to hear someone else's voice. It's sooooooo sad. I have to say though she is a great sport about it lol.

2. Thursdays: I love Thursdays. This is a night where I actually PLAN on having an nice relaxing evening. I order Mr. Goodscents almost every Thursday, put my kids to bed, and sit down and watch Supernatural. (of course NOW I guess that Bones is on Thursday's as well WOOT!) Two of my favorite shows in one evening....ahhhhhh.

3. Thunderstorms: Hmmmmmm....the sound of thunder rolling throughout the sky...rain falling, lightning webbing through the sky, and the smell of the air. It's enough to get anyone horny, especially in the springtime! Now of course I do not like the whole tornado, hail, flooding,... stuff like that, but the storm rumbling and building is awesome.

4. Taco Tico: YUMMY! This has to be one of my favorite fast food joints. Crunchy tacos, taco burger, and nachos. I wish I ate here more often, but as it husband prefers Taco Bell and it is closer. Since he is the one that usually goes out to get the food; I end up with Taco Bell more often than Tico. Oh least I get anytime I want when I am with my sister!

5. Tax Returns: Money, Money, Money, Money, Money...This is my Christmas right here. Every year we get a pretty good size tax return and it is sooooo nice. This is when we pay off debts and have a little extra spending money to buy a late Christmas for my husband and I. This year might be a tad different this year as my husband may be laid-off. :-( So instead, we will be using this money to pay bills only. Everyone, please cross your fingers so that my husband does NOT get laid-off. Talk about a rough time....

6. Tough Guys: Ok what can I say....I have a soft spot. I like men who are tough, you know the type....strong, manly, athletic, confident, a bit egotistical, and they usually have a job like in the military, fire fighter, construction, police officer, or bouncer. They have a bit of a wild side and ooze sexual energy. Now, I am totally helpless when you find that they have a brain, a sensitive side, and treat women with respect. SIGH

7. Time to Myself: I LOVE THIS...but it rarely happens. I consider leaving my home without kids...or stay at home while the kids are gone... "Time to Myself." Not, my husband taking the kids to the basement while I stay upstairs and hide in my room. As a stay at home mommy, I do not get Mommy time often. So it is such a JOY when I do.

8. Touch Screen: Can I say Word Dojo? I love this game lol If you are not familiar with Touch Screen it is a game system usually found at a sports bar or a bar & grill. It has various games to play while you sit and drink, snack, watch TV, or chat with a friend. I could spend hours playing these games...and I have! One time my sister and I went and just drank soda and played for a few hours lol. They are addicting so BEWARE!...but oh so fun!

9. Traveling: Again...something I rarely get to do, but LOVE. I have so many places I want to see and visit. I have missed out on a ton of opportunities too because of my most demanding job...being a mommy. But I try. My friend Cush as been living overseas for years and has left an open invite pretty much everywhere they have lived or vacationed....sadly I have never been able to take her up on that fantastic opportunity. I am so jealous of her! Italy, London, Ireland during St. Patty's Day, Germany during Oktoberfest, Paris for Valentine's day (that is this year)...just to name a few. Anyway, my sister and I have vowed to try and travel somewhere everyone from now on...hopefully somewhere haunted! Well, see how we do.

10. T-shirts: Finally, something just simple but at the same time a necessity. I love nice comfortable clothing. I wear T-shirts all the time...usually accompanied with pajama pants...soft, cotton, comfortable, and snugly. I also love them on my husband. He looks great in T-shirts. I snuggle up against his chest and just could lay there for hours. Heaven.

Well that is it for my top "T"s. Thanks you Jamie for letting me in on the fun!


MommaYoung said...

Love thunderstorms too. The smell of the air and the excitement it brings.

LOL, Mommy Time? This word you use, what does it mean. LOL. Oh, I cram mine in in the morning and naps. I should be sleeping, cause I sure NEED and WANT it...

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I started following you. Love your posts.

Jaime said...

And here I thought I was giving you an easy letter! Great list - i'm a big fan of the tough guys and thunderstorms myself

Needsleepy said...

MommaYoung: I am so crazy about sleep! I have learned over the years to sleep when you can because chances are you will not be able to sleep whenyou should lol Glad to have you!

Jaime: LOL I did too!! When I saw that you gave my the letter T I was like "Woohoo!!" lol But hey, a challenge is what I like so it worked out great! Thx!

MommaYoung said...

I wanted to let you know there is an award for you on my blog:

Maki said...

Oh my god, I love this post! I like Thunder, too... and the rain together is kind of romantic I think...

I missed you again - sorry:)

Come back soon!

Ambersmilz said...

Give me a letter and I will play! Oh, and seeing as how I am also at home talking to myself, we may as well talk to each other. Call me!!!!